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Who Am I?

​I am Rebecca Strimer, and I am running for Asheville City Schools Board of Education. I am a believer in the power of community and that we all thrive when we look out for each other.

I am the parent to two Asheville Middle School students, a 6th grader and an 8th grader. I am a social work professional with over a decade of experience administering public funds and implementing high quality programs. Currently I work as the tax program coordinator and housing counselor at OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling, an Asheville-based nonprofit organization.

I've dedicated my life to serving others by building authentic relationships and honoring the wisdom that people bring to their own lives. I volunteer my time for local organizations that have inspired me to run for the Board of Education because I know what we can accomplish when people work together.


Organizations where I have served are:

  • Read 2 Succeed

  • Hall Fletcher Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

  • Asheville City Schools Foundation

  • Thrive Asheville

  • Buncombe County Strategic Partnerships Committee


Other Key Endorsements:

  • Jasmine Beach-Ferara

  • Elinor Earle

  • Dr. Gordon Grant

  • Dr. Amieris Lavender

Why Am I Running?

​I am running for the Asheville City Schools Board of Education because students in our district deserve educational experiences that inspire them, create spaces where they belong, and set the stage for them to pursue their passions.


I believe all students should have a childhood rich in learning nurtured by safe, stable relationships. Public schools provide all our children with the space for these experiences to flourish. Our district has the assets we need to support students so they will realize their potential. We have:

  • a significant base of local tax income,

  • dedicated teaching and administrative staff,

  • effective social emotional learning programs for students, and

  • sound academic programming

I have a leadership vision to weave these assets together, building on our strengths to use them wisely for the benefit of all students and to build a positive culture. 

Asheville City Schools is facing financial challenges that call for thoughtful and strategic leadership. The Board of Education will make important decisions about how our district allocates funds. I believe a budget is a statement of values, and I will work to ensure that every dollar spent in the district is tied to student-centered values


When elected, I will:


  • Focus on the experience of students

    • Our students deserve the highest quality education, and we are the adults who must ensure they have the access and the encouragement to take risks, learn from mistakes, and develop into their authentic selves.

  • Put equity into action

    • Every decision includes an analysis of who benefits, who could be left out, and how to dismantle inequity with an emphasis on racial equity to directly address the opportunity gap that persists for Black students.

  • Support teachers and staff 

    • Our schools' staffs are dedicated professionals who deserve respect; we must stabilize this workforce by paying fair compensation and honoring their expertise.

  • Implement initiatives effectively with a focus on follow-through

    • With effective strategic planning, we set the stage to implement initiatives that steadfastly focus on outcomes for all students.

  • Tend to a culture of belonging and excellence where we listen to one another

    • We create culture by practicing transparency, communicating clearly, and engaging in cooperation. When we bravely choose to do things differently to achieve better results, we accept that the road less traveled won’t always have a map and that we can handle challenges together as a community.

  • Listen to parents & stakeholders

    • We enhance the participatory processes that give voice to all parents and stakeholders and maximize the potential of our community.

Why Am I Runnn


Early voting begins on October 20th and Election Day is November 8th. Find your polling place:

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